Monday, February 16, 2009

Thing 1 and 2

*I am participating in 23 things because I am a first year special education teacher, and all the extra learning I can get, I am in for. I love learning new things, and new things for my students. I hope to learn a lot of teaching ideas that are outside the box. I have a population of students who are always learning outside the box, and I could use all the ideas I can get. During thing 1, I had goose bumps watching the movie, and reading the article. It really makes you think as our world is changing, that we as teachers need to change to meet our students diverse learning needs. Going to the computer lab isn't just a "blow off" anymore, kids can do real learning in there. In no way will knowing others are reading my blog effect my writing. I have always been taught don't put anything you wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper out there for others to read. I am an open book, and I am very excited to learn about everything this course has to offer!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, I am LOVING my job, but I have a little problem. I have two parapro's, and I am so thankful for all that they do, but one of them is a B****! She is ALWAYS complaining, about everything. She has been doing this for 15+ years, and quite honestly I think she is DONE. It is so hard to stay positive when you work with such a downer. My other para is now my best friend. Her and I do things outta work, and we are each others support. We never rub it in her face that we are friends, but she just gets worked up over nothing.

When you work in special education it is draining...Not physically, but emotionally. No one needs to the extra stress of dealing with his type of person. O well, all I can do is stay positive. I am there for the kids, and I have to remember that.

On a good note I start at Madonna University this Spring! I am doing my masters program in autism. My friend is doing it with me! We will be graduates on March 2001! That also means a huge pay increase, yay!

Ok, I am off to get a good nights rest. I have conferences all week. Goodnight :)

My Sunshine

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Post

I am part of the new trend, blogging! I am not a very good writier, but I think this is a good way to release stress, and talk about the everyday things that happen in my life.

As we speak, my 21 month old son is screaming my name "na na" because he doesn't want to go to bed. We put him to bed at 7 tonight, because this is becoming a trend. He just wants to stay up and play. It is so cute, and I want to just rush in there and let him play.

I am so excited for the holidays this year. I love this time of year, and it is going to extra special this year because Elijah can "understand" what is going on. Well, I will leave you all with a picture of my sun shine.